Tortoise Weeds

Rather than hunting for weeds in your neighbourhood you should consider having a dedicated growing set up.

The advantage to growing weeds under controlled conditions is that you do not need to worry about pollutants in the atmosphere, animal urine or pesticides you might find on weeds collected from the side of a road or your local park. 
If you can grow them in a controlled environment then it is definitely a better strategy.

If you’re not particularly green fingered please do not worry, the advantage of growing weeds like dandelions is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it, weeds are notorious for growing where you don’t want them to, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to actually grow them yourself!

There are several methods people use to grow weeds, from a simple plant pot on the window sill that you give a little water to very day, to a dedicated tray in your greenhouse, to simply planting additional weeds in your tortoise’s enclosure either outdoors, or indoors within a dedicated part of the substrate in your tortoise table.

Outdoor cultivation is a great strategy, although of course you won’t have as much control over the quality of the product you produce in the winter.

Wherever you choose to grow your weeds, the basic idea is the same:

Using a Growitbox is the ideal way to ensure good results.
The seeds are quality UK harvested.
The soil is organic with no added feed which could make your tortoise ill. 
Weeds thrive in the most inhospitable areas possible!
The Growitbox kit is ideal for outdoor growth and just like all plants weeds require soil, light and water to grow successfully.
If you’re growing your weeds indoors be sure to place the pot or container on a window sill that gets plenty of sunlight, and don’t forget to give the seeds a little water everyday. Just do not over do it, or you might drown them.